Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just a little list challenge

I tend to be a list maker. Kinda...? I'm that person who makes a list and then never looks at it again. You may think it's a worthless waste of time but I swear, it helps! Just the writing down helps me remember or puts my thoughts in order so I never really need to look at it again. Ok... Maybe I SHOULD look at again but that is a whole issue in itself. ;)
So last year I did a 365 Photo Challenge and actually made it! It was so hard and it may seem silly but.. Rewarding. It was truly a huge challenge to keep up with but now I have so many things captured to always look back on. I decided not to do it again but now I'm itching for something else.
You may have seen the trends of "sketch a day" or "list a day". They have certain requirements and time allowed. I decided to combine both of those ideas, make my own rules, and go with it. I have this little miniature moleskin which I have had for around 3 years. It only has one page (terribly) drawn in it. "A moleskin! They are expensive and just too nice to actually write in!" screams my head. The thing is: this little guy needs a purpose!
My little book has 78 pages so I will do it 78 days. Combining (hopefully) a little doodle and a list that I made (& some stole).
I will be posting my picture on Instatgram- 30silentmockingbirds  if you want to follow or if you wanna get all crazy join in hashtag #78list
My hope is: that it will help with my creativity. My goal is: well its just for kicks and giggles.
So here we go for march and good start 3-13-13 right?

1. March 13- why I list
2. March 14- who am I
3. March 15- goals this year
4. March 16- what makes me happy
5. March 17- where I live
6. March 18 - I need to start
7. March 19- my faults
8. March 20- books to read
9. March 21- borrrring!
10. March 22- summer to-do
11. March 23- states I love
12. March 24- yummy eats
13. March 25- daughter
14. March 26- life songs
15. March 27- if you're feeling blue
16. March 28- cats
17. March 29 - places to go
18. March 30- Friday nights
19. March 31- don't make me

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