Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Caravan love

Back around Christmas I had an order go out to Italy. Yes, Italy. The place where romantic dreams are made of! Right? Who's with me!?!
When I held the package in my hand I was beside myself about how cool it was that a little piece of me was going to go all the way across the big pond to a place that has everything amazing (Food + Wine= Happiness). I filled out the customs form carefully, gave it a little farewell kiss, and hoped for the best for its little arrival.

Fast forward a month.. it didn't arrive. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!
Darnit stupid US postal Service and Darnit stupid me for sending it through them!
Oops, turns out it was just an address mix up and we finally got it going to the correct place. It has finally arrived safe and sound. *whew*

I realize again... I WENT TO ITALY! It gets better though... It has a story:

"My husband and I got married last year beside an old caravan that had been parked at my family's beach house for years. We love the old retro styles.... 
The caravan print arrived and it is truly gorgeous. You have great talent and we are thrilled to have your image in our home."

So sweet! Now i'm not one to get super mushy but I am so thrilled that not only did my print go to Italy, but it is part of a beautiful memory! A lot of love goes into what I make and when it is enjoyed by someone else...

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