Wednesday, May 1, 2013

30 Silent Mockingbirds background roulette

Is there anything about this job I hate? Yes, cleaning up is one. Taking photographs for listings is another. Its not that I don't like photography.. I love it! I just really really do not like taking the still shots. Its just so much pressure! There are a couple other factors that play into this... I take my photos with a cracked iPhone.  I don't actually own a computer that works, so I am about town on a daily basis being a computer nomad, and I haven't figured out the right place to take the pics. Block prints I have found are difficult to photograph. I am picky about the light and the color being correct. The studio is a no go so far. An iPhone taking photos requires light, so off to the outdoors I go! The weather has to be perfect... no wind, the perfect shade from the sun, the perfect amount of sun being around, and a clean dry place to hang or lay the print. 
However, there is a little happiness in this sad sob story of mine. Texture. To make up for my not-so-perfect photographing conditions I have had to get creative in my choice of spots, which has (in my mind) turned out to be an interesting collage of textures. 
Part of me wants these perfect photographs I see out there on Etsy and ScoutMob and I start to get down on myself. Then, today when I was walking random streets of downtown Nashville (and people are staring at the crazy girl taking photographs on the sidewalk) I remember I'm not perfect myself. I have a lot of textures, layers, and change within myself and do what I have to do to get things done. Maybe all of that is supposed to just show through my work.. even in my still shots. If was waiting for my perfection to show up.... I would never let myself step out and show my work. 

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