Monday, April 1, 2013

April Listography

Continuing my #78List

Day 20-April 1- SO funny
Day 21- April 2- I loved my childhood..
Day 22- April 3- If I won the lottery
Day 23- April 4- Art mediums I want to try
Day 24-April 5- Parties I would throw
Day 25-April 6- Habits to break
Day 26- April 7- Dream Jobs
Day 27-April 8- Things I saw today
Day 28-April 9- Pet peeves
Day 29-April 10- Things true to my zodiac sign
Day 30-April 11- Random thoughts inside my head right now
Day 31-April 12- Life's best moments
Day 32-April 13- Things I like about my neighborhood
Day 33-April 14- Things I don't like about my neighborhood
Day 34-April 15- Sounds I love
Day 35-April 16- Signs I'm still a kid
Day 36-April 17- I would never...
Day 37-April 18- Favorite romantic comedies
Day 38-April 19- Drinks at the bar
Day 39-April 20- Guilty Pleasures
Day 40-April 21- 5 random facts about me
Day 41-April 22- Things that need to change
Day 42-April 23- Best things about spring
Day 43-April 24- 7 wishes
Day 44-April 25- S is for
Day 45-April 26- What my kid would do if she was in charge
Day 46-April 27- Traditions
Day 47-April 28- Things grateful for
Day 48-April 29- Today I...
Day 49-April 30- Music is..

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